Hood Cleaning Services

Hood Cleaning

Clean your hood, duct system, and fans to prevent fires and maintain functionality.

Hood Cleaning Services

Filter Exchange Service

Exchange your dirty filters with clean ones on a weekly, biweekly, or monthly basis.

Hood Cleaning Services

Detailed Equipment line Cleaning

Any piece of equipment, pavement, and awnings can be cleaned and restored to their original beauty. From floor to rooftop, we’ve got you covered.¬†¬†Restore all your cooking equipment and cooking line to its original beauty.


Grease Trap Cleaning

Have us professionally clean and maintain your restaurant grease trap. Clogged drains cost both time and money. Safety First Services will pump, drain, snake, and clean out your grease trap.

Hood Cleaning Services

Commercial Dryer | Laundry Vent Cleaning

Do you own or run a commercial laundry mat with high grade dryers? If so, when was the last time you had your vents and duct work inspected for build ups or fire hazards? If it has been 4-6 months it may be time to have them inspected, cleaned, or serviced. Lint build up can happen fairly quickly depending on the volume of customers you have in your business daily. If you need or think you should have them serviced just give us a call and we will come to your business and inspect them for you. It is better to avoid situations that may lead to business damages due to fire or even worse the loss of life due to a fire in your establishment. We have great prices from qualified technicians that can perform and maintain the dryer vents or duct work. Give us a call today.

Hood Cleaning Services

Wall and Floor Cleaning

Remove years of dirt and grease buildup from any wall. Kitchen, dining room, and outside.

Hood Cleaning Services

Ceiling Tile Restoration

We are a certified dealer of Ceiling Pro International. Brighten up your room and increase employee morale at a fraction of the cost of replacing tiles.

Hood Cleaning Services

Kosherizing Kitchens

We provide full cleaning services to the following areas:
Stoves Ovens and oven tops Char broilers, Deep fryers Grill tops Woks Walk in coolers and reach in coolers, Floors, walls, patios drive thru and dumpster area, Under cooking line and Steam tables, Plenum chamber, Ducts Fans, Fire wall, Grease Filter Exchange Service.

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